What is your photography style?

My style is a mix of reportage and creative portrait photography.
I love to catch every single emotional moment of your special day through candid shoots, and very emotional and creative couple portraits of bride and groom.
I will make sure to capture everything with discretion.

How do you organize the portrait session?

It will be the only time of the day where you will be alone. It's a moment for relax and a bit of cuddles. That is why it is important for me and you to have a connection. With me you will be comfortable, I will not ask you stressful poses and I will be present but invisible, for creative, spontaneous and candid portraits.
Usually in max 20 minutes we take beautiful shots, and the best time for me is always the sunset.

Can you recommend a location for the couple portraits after wedding ceremony, and also for engagement and family photo session?

Of course, I can recommend you the best locations for your photo service.

Can we do group photos?

Sure! I think group photos are very important to have a good memory of all your families and most important guests.
And It is very important for me to find a good spot for this photos in the venue.

Do you work alone or with a second shooter?

“Two is better than one”, as they say in a famous Italian commercial. Having another professional photographer is for your benefit. In this way you will have photos from multiple angles and we won’t miss click, a moment, an emotion.
If necessary, I also work alone if the event allows.
Usually, I recommend the second photographer for a number of guest over 60 persons.

Do you provide also video service?

I personally don’t, but if you want I can address you to some professionals I work with. I guarantee you, they will do a great job.

What other services do you offer?

For Weddings:
Pre-Wedding and Engagement photo shoot before wedding day.
Welcome dinner or brunch day after.
Polaroid service, which allows guests to take fun photos to remember your special day.

For Couple and Families:
Wedding Proposal and engagement photo shoot
Family photo shoot
Transfer to different locations (max 4 car seats) in the photo shoot area.

Is there a limit to the photos taken? How many will you deliver?

No, there’s no limit to photos. Everything will depend on what will happen during the day.
After the photo service I will make a several selection of the ones to edit.
There is a minimum number of delivered photos for each type of service.
Please have a look at the packages.
And you will receive also the rest of unedited photos.

Will you also deliver the RAW files?

You will get all the photos in High Resolution ready to be printed in JPG format. And with all rights print.
Is possible to have also the all the RAW files with a surcharge of 20% that include Hard Drive and rights.

Will you choose the ones to edit?

Yes I will make a first several selection. The reason is because I will give you my story of your special day.
Consider that I will give you also the unedited files, so you can have a look at them and choose some to edit.

Will the photos be immediately visible?

Within few days after the photo shoot I will send you a little selection of 3/4 photos as preview.
You can have the best photo with you soon, or use them for the thank you cards!

What are your delivery times?

Within five months for the weddings and within a couple of week for couple and family photo shoots you will have all the finished work.
It might sound overstated but the selection and the post production are hard works.
I want to give you an excellent photo story, I take care of every single photo selected, I don't like to work on your photos with stress and hurry and I have many services during the year.

Can we see your work?

Of course! Visit my blog or follow me on social media.
I'm available also to send you some galleries of entire works.

Can you suggest some albums or photo book options?

Yes I have a series of customizable products to meet all your needs.

Are you available to photograph our wedding even outside of Tuscany?

Yes sure! I am a traveler by nature. I photographed marriages in Umbria, Veneto, Amalfi Coast, and abroad as England, Romania, and Bali.

Are you available for half a day?

Yes, I offer packages starting from 1 hours for couple and families.
And from 4 hours for wedding day.

What if we go over the agreed hours? Are there extra costs?

Yes, for every extra hour there is an hourly rate.

What are your prices?

I cannot tell you right now. The cost might be subject to variations depending on factors such as service duration, day, location, album choice, and video.
About couple and family photo shoot please visit the section on this website.
About weddings please send me an e-mail with all the details, or let’s meet for a chat without any commitment (even via Skype) and I will be able to make an estimate that suits your needs.

How can we make reservations and how long do we have to think about it?

Fill out the contact form for an estimate. Once the price is set, we will make a contract and pay a deposit. If you want to think about it, I'll keep the date for a week. Remember, however, that depending on the period I may have many requests and you won’t have too much time to think about it.

What is an Engagement session or Pre Wedding? And Trash the Dress?

The Engagement or Pre Wedding session is a photo-shoot dedicated those the future bride and groom (or a couple) that want creative couple portraits. It lasts about two hours in a location chosen by you. We will take a walk together with a stop for a good coffee. I always recommend it if you will marry, because it helps us to know each other better. You will be confident in front of the camera, and you will feel much more comfortable on the wedding day. It is a very nice idea to use these images for the wedding album, or for a slideshow during the wedding. You can also use one or more images in your invitation, save the date and thank you cards.
Trash the Dress instead, is a photo session with the couple the day after the wedding. It takes about two hours and we will literally go get the dress dirty! To the sea, to the lake, to the mountains, horse-riding, etc. It is very fun, we will make very creative and original shots. But you don’t have to be afraid to ruin your dress! My advice? Don’t bring it to the laundry the day after the wedding!



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