Do you work solo or do you have a second shooter?

Both options are possible.
A second shooter is always recommended for weddings with more than 60 guests.
Anyway, being two photographers always offers multiple advantages for your wedding day, such as having various points of view and a wider coverage of the wedding day.

How far are you willing to travel to shoot our wedding? And how do you handle transfers to other countries or other parts of Italy?

I can be your photographer anywhere in the world!
I have already shot weddings in other countries, like in the UK, in Switzerland, and in Bali, as well as in other Italian regions. I love to plan every detail of my transfers - it makes me feel safer on the wedding day.
If you will get married in a different country from Italy, I would always arrive in the area at least two or three days prior to the wedding day, so I can get to know the area and meet you in person before the event.
For transfers around Italy, instead, if the location you choose is further than 2 hours drive from my studio, I will arrive in the area the day before the wedding and leave the day after.

Will you be able to photograph all of our guests?

Since I have a reportagistic style, and especially for weddings with more than 60 guests, it is possible that some shyer members of your family or friends may not be photographed.
So please, let me know the most important people for you and I will definitely not miss the target!
A good way to make sure that everyone appears in at least some photographs, anyway, is to plan to have some group shots before the reception starts.

When will you deliver the photograph you will shoot, and how does your editing process work?

You will receive between 100 and 350 pictures (depending on the collection you will choose) that will be further developed with my signature Color and Black and White edit to offer you a more authorial touch to the best image selection.
I will personally take care of this selection, because many of the photographs I shoot are thought to give continuity and completeness to the wedding day tale.
I will also do a light skin retouch. Clearly, since it’s a wedding reportage and not a high-fashion shoot, it doesn’t make any sense to deeply retouch every image. Moreover, it would take a lot of working hours to edit all the photos, and the images would be sent to you in a much longer time.
If I may suggest - an opaque, light bridal makeup is the best solution to make you look even more beautiful in every image, both wide and close-ups.

How will you deliver us your work?

I will send you all your wedding photos in an online gallery, a sort of mini-website dedicated to your wedding day.
All the photos you will find there will be at a high resolution, and you will always be able to have them with you - also in your smartphones!
You will be able to download every single photo, send them to your guests, choose the photos you want for a wedding album, or even design your own wedding album through the online shop.

Do you shoot videos as well? If not, do you have any videographer to recommend us?

I only work as a photographer.
But clearly, I am absolutely willing to suggest you some amazing and trustworthy videographers I often work with!
Some of them are Giuseppe Piserchia, Simona Tortolano, Virginia Righeschi, and Carlos Tamanini.

Will we have group portraits as well?

I think group photos are absolutely necessary.
They will be the first photos your mom and grandma will want to frame!
I highly recommend to have at least some with the closest members of the wedding party, such as your parents, closest relatives, and bridesmaids/best men.
I will personally take care of them, and I will shoot them impeccably because I think they are really important. If I find a particularly beautiful area of your wedding venue, we can even shoot something more peculiar and different from the usual cliches.
My suggestion is to always plan 15 minutes for them between the cocktail hour and the dinner.

I’ve never seen detail photos on your stories, will you shoot them?

I rarely publish detail shots because I would rather show you the things that I love to photograph the most.
Clearly, I always shoot the detail photos as well! Just let me know if they are specifically important for you.

Can we have the RAW files?

All the photographs I will send you will be high resolution .Jpg files.
RAW files can be sent to you and would be charged separately, including the cost of the hard drive and shipment.

What type of warranty do you offer?

I have been a full time wedding photographer for some years now, and I’ve shot around 200 weddings.
Moreover, I do have a professional insurance that protects my couples.
That being said, I am also a part of some of the best Wedding Photography Associations in the world, such as ISPWP, WPJA, THIS IS REPORTAGE, and the Italian ANFM from which I have received various awards and acknowledgements.

Ok, we like you! How can we book your services?

Send me an email with all your information, and once we will have found the perfect service for you I will secure the date by signing a contract with you and receiving a first 50% deposit.

Please, at this page you will find some reviews from past couples.



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