Wedding Photography

My goal is to tell your story with photos that speak for themselves and to touch the heart of those who look at them. The photographs of your wedding will be part of your life and your new family.
Even after many years it will be a narrator of your love story. That day will be unique and unrepeatable, and photographs will be the only indelible memory. What price do you give to the memories of your story?


Wedding Usb Box

The wedding box usb is a little canvas chest which old my usb key .
It's a simple and elegant. Always keep it handy in your love nest.
The wedding box usb you can bring up wherever, for example to a dinner with your friends or your parents. You will open this little chest like the Pandora's box and you will rediscover all the emotions of your wedding. Just insert the usb key in your television.
The usb key contains all photos in High Definition.
The wedding box usb can be personalized with your name or your logo and you can choose between a lot of colours also with your wedding theme colours.

photo album

Photo Album

Do you want to see your photos printed? I love printed photos too! Now, with digital photography, people don’t get their photos printed anymore . But once you have a wedding photo album in your hands and start browsing, you realize what a precious object it is. How nice it is to even look at the album of your parents after so many years? Imagine how beautiful it will be when your children and grandchildren will see your photo album, going through your special day page by page. This album will tell so much about you and your better half! The albums I offer are of different typologies, depending on your taste. You can choose handcrafted and more rustic books, albums with a modern cover and design features or even a 10mm Plexiglass box (that can become a unique furnishing item).

Wedding Wooden Box

Many couples ask me for a wedding photo service without album, they just want digital photographs. Often because of their budget or because they won’t have much space in their new home. So I've been looking for something new to deliver digital images, something like a wedding album that can be present in your homes and that you can touch, something that goes beyond the simple network cloud where you download your photos from. I found a simple wooden box that will preserve your memories like a treasure. The wedding wooden box will decor your living room, but you will be able to bring it with you anytime! It is customizable, it will hold 10 × 15 (cm) photographs and a wooden USB stick containing all the photographs of your wedding. Contact me for all the details!

I also can help you with:

creative engagement photos in val d'orcia

Engagement Photography

Whether you call it a pre-wedding photographic service or an engagement, wedding proposal or couple photobook, it’s always a photo session that includes portraits of the two lovers. Indeed, what can represent love better than a beautiful couple portrait?
Yes but where can we do it? Wherever you want!
You can choose to have your engagement photo session in Tuscany, Florence, Chianti, Val d'Orcia, Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast, Venice or in any other city!
You can even decide to do your engagement photo session in London or Paris!

Family Photography

It's a professional photographic service that tells a story about your family,
your relationships, your family love. Through reportage photography I will cacht little glimpses of your (real) life, and all the small things that time can't change, like a caress or a hug to your son!
Unforgettable memories of a holiday in Tuscany: a stroll in an ancient Tuscan village or through the Chianti vineyards, a walk in the suggestive hills of Val d'Orcia, or in the wonderful Florence.
Or, why not, at your house?


What is your photography style?

My style is a mix of reportage and creative portrait photography. I will tell about your day through my shots, with spontaneous wedding photography, with no poses. Furthermore, I will make sure to capture everything with discretion.

How do you organize the portrait session?

It will be the only time of the day where you will be alone. It's a moment for relax and a bit of cuddles. That is why it is important for me and you to have a connection. With me you will be comfortable, I will not ask you to pose, just something for few more creative pics. I will be present but invisible in order to achieve spontaneous and candid portraits.
Just... Be your self!

Are there some specific details that you like to catch with your photos?

I love to capture all the moments and emotions of the couple and of the guests.

Can you recommend a location for photos after the ceremony?

Of course, I can recommend the best locations for your photo service.

Can I do group photos?

Yes it is possible. I think that group photos are very important. At your request we will dedicate a few minutes to group photos.

Do you work alone in pairs?

“Two is better than one”, as they say in a famous Italian commercial. Having another professional photographer is for your benefit. In this way you will have photos from multiple angles and we won’t miss click, a moment, an emotion. If also work alone if necessary (and if the event allows).

Is it a problem if our location is somewhat dark?

No, but is better to have a good lighting. I might suggest some suppliers for scenic wedding lighting. Otherwise, I am well equipped even for dark locations.

Do you shoot videos?

I personally don’t, but if you want I can address you to some professionals I work with. I guarantee you, they will do a great job.

What other services do you offer?

After the ceremony, you will be able to use the Polaroid service, which allows guests to take fun photos to remember your special day.

Is there a limit to the photos taken? How many will you deliver?

No, there’s no limit to photos. Everything will depend on what will happen during the day. I will give you about 300 photographs in High Definition, edited by me, according to my style.

Will you also deliver the originals?

Yes, you will get all the photos in High Definition ready to be printed (also with printing and publishing rights).

Will you make a photo selection?

Yes, I will make a first selection to give you a more consistent photo story. You can make changes to the selection for the album or for the photo book.

Will the photos be immediately visible?

With your permission, within two weeks I'll publish a preview on Facebook and Instagram.

What are your delivery times?

Within 20 weeks you will have all the finished work. It will take 24 weeks if you choose to have the photo album.
But you can also choose a fast delivery in 15 days.

Can we see your work?

Of course! Visit the section 'Stories' on my website or follow me on social media.

Can you suggest some albums or photo book options?

Yes I have a series of customizable products to meet all your needs.

Are you available to photograph our wedding even outside of Tuscany?

Yes sure! I am a traveler by nature. I photographed marriages in Umbria, Veneto, Amalfi Coast, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, and abroad such as England, Romania, and Bali!

Are you available for half a day?

Yes, I offer packages starting from 4 hours, but if you like, we can customize the service also for few hours.

What if we go over the agreed hours? Are there extra costs?

Yes, for every extra hour there is an hourly rate.

What are your prices?

I cannot tell you right now. The cost might be subject to variations depending on different factors such as service duration, day, location, album choice, and video. Send me an e-mail with all the details, or let’s meet for a chat without any commitment (even via Skype) and I will be able to make an estimate that suits your needs.

How can we make reservations and how long do we have to think about it?

Fill out the contact form for an estimate. Once the price is set, we will make a contract and you will pay a deposit. If you want to think about it, I'll keep the date for a week. However, remember that in certain months I may have many requests and you won't have too much time to think about it.

What is an Engagement session or Pre Wedding? And Trash the Dress?

The Engagement or Pre Wedding session is a photo-shoot dedicated those the future bride and groom (or a couple) that want creative couple portraits. It lasts about two hours in a location chosen by you. We will take a walk together with a stop for a good coffee. I always recommend it to chose with an upcoming wedding. It helps to know the photographer better and you will be confident in front of camera and more comfortable on the wedding day. It is a very nice idea to use these images for the wedding album, or for a slideshow during the wedding. You can also use one or more images in your invitation, save the date and thank you cards.
Trash the Dress instead, is a photo session with the couple the day after the wedding. It takes about two hours and we will literally go get the dress dirty!
Whether you decide to go to the sea, to the lake, to the mountains or horse-riding, it will be very fun and we will make very creative and original shots. Just don’t be afraid to ruin your dress! My advice? Don’t bring it to the laundry the day after the wedding!

What guarantees do you offer?


What are ANFM guarantees?

ANFM means Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti (Wedding Photographers National Association).

It is the most important association of professional wedding photographers in Italy.

Here are the guarantees that I offer you as ANFM photographer:

SIMONE MIGLIETTA PHOTOGRAPHY Studio, in the person of SIMONE E. MIGLIETTA associated with ANFM (Wedding Photographers National Association),
in the perspective of the highest transparency in the relationship with my customers, I commit:
- to guarantee by contract my direct participation to cover the photographic service as agreed and not to be replaced by any internal or external colleague of mine (unless for serious proved reasons of unavailability). I also guarantee that the images submitted to the customers in my works presentation are actually the result of my technical and creative skills.
- to guarantee clarity in pricing and, together with the contract, to provide the customers with a price list featuring all the extras and optional, that can be paid hereafter, for example for additional prints, album, reprints and any other kind of service able to modify the original price agreed.



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