Hello! My name is Simone, a former accountant turned wedding photographer, who had a bad wedding photo shoot. Have you ever heard any of your friends complaining about their wedding photographer or about their wedding photos? Probably yes.

Maybe the bride did not look as nice as she wanted, or the couple felt embarrassed because the photographer did not make them feel comfortable: too stressful with all those fake poses! Let me tell you my experience: I got married in 2006 and photography was one of my long time hobbies, but I knew nothing about wedding photography. Me and my girlfriend decided to trust the family friend who took pictures for my in-laws several years ago. Nothing outstanding, just poses and static photos, as it was trending in the early 80s. We had many expenses, and so we settled even because wanted to save a bit of money, in the end we just wanted some souvenir photos…

The result? That day we did not feel comfortable in front of the camera, even though the photographer was a family friend. Too many posed photos, too many forced poses, and no reportage photos resuming the most beautiful and emotional moments. We ended up with three good photos, I even had to browse photos taken by the guests to find something nicer! A disastrous wedding album, I am ashamed to show it to anyone or even to look at it alone with my wife. In a day where everything was perfect, my greatest regret is just that I did not choose the right photographer, a professional photographer.

When I started telling my story to friends, I found out that many of them had the same problem. To save money, they got low quality pictures. Some instead paid more, but they chose the wrong photographer and found someone who made them feel uncomfortable. Still today there are so many stories like this… if not worse! So I understand that the problem was far more serious than I thought!

Unfortunately, there were still so many photographers who did not not put the bride and groom at ease, taking them away for hours and hours from their party, annoying them for the photos and making them uncomfortable. At the time, I used to bring my reflex to the weddings I was invited to, to discreetly capture some moments, and my photographs were always more popular than those from the official photographer. From this point on, being also a hopeless romantic, I decided to become a wedding photographer and to protect couples from unpleasant surprises.

Today, a couple of years after, I am a professional wedding photographer and I want to give you the chance to have more than just a wedding photo service. Couples have a different taste now, they look for unusual, spontaneous and natural wedding photos, they prefer they reportage style. If I think about it, it’s what me and my wife expected. What do you expect from your wedding photographer? Do you also want a photographer that will make you comfortable and know how to capture the emotions of your most beautiful day?

Remember that we only have a chance to do a good job and if the photographer is not the right one you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. What can I give you with work? My goal is to tell through a wedding photo service what you feel in those moments, to capture the emotions of both the couple and the guest. The photographer is the most important person for your wedding. A beautiful wedding album is very important.

After years you will be able to relive the same emotions you’ve experienced when you said the most important of your YES. In order to get pictures that will excite you every time you look at them, I believe that a good feeling between me, you and your partner is very important. I will try to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, without embarrassing you. Thanks to my cheerful attitude I will be friendly with everyone.

While being very present and helpful, I will know when and how to photograph every moment with discretion, without anyone noticing it.

If you want to know something more, please read the reviews I’ve received from other brides! To get to know me, send me an e-mail to info@simonemiglietta.com or a WhatsApp message at +393477431376


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